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Akashganga™ is a pioneer dairy industry service provider since 1996.Phone: +91 2692 235390,E-mail: info@akashganga.in An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company

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For achieving timely, accurate & transparent milk collection with best use of Information Technology. For reduction of waiting time, decrease in wastage of milk.

To accept milk by Weight, test out fat content on electronic milk-o-tester and enter the data manually in the member's card within limited time of milk collection.

Designed for fast and cost effective determination of contents of Fat%, Solids but not Fat % (SNF) and Water Adulteration% for Buffalo , Cow and Mix milk.

Detects Synthetic Milk & Milk alterated with health hazardous chemicals

Designed to Homogenize raw milk sample for testing


Approved by Dept. of Leagal Metrology, Govt. Of India
Latest Micro controller based Design (From 30-200 Kg.)

Equipped with all features and requirements for Milk Collection Operations.

Designed with high Accuracy Load Cells, Overload & Shock load Protection. Auto Digital Calibration

Replaces manual Operation for homogenizing milk prior to analysis, Guarantees uniform results.

AKASHGANGA™ Services (Software)

It includes milk reception, session receipts of total milk, employees attendance, recording,society wise milk not received, data transfer between two milk centers etc.

Automation of measurements eliminates the possibility of farmers get cheated quantity & quality of their milk supplies.

Developed especially to meet accounting needs of the Village Dairy Co-Operatives incorporating existing book-keeping and accounting records.

RMRD Web is specially designed to operate Union's various requirement like payroll, store management, SMS transfer, Farmer Ledger, Bank Entry etc.

Milk Crates Manager handles various operations like Milk Crates Entry, Return Milk Crates Entry and various reports like dispatch receipt, crate ledger etc.

With over 24 years in Information Technology mainly Software Development, Customized and Tailor made software solutions. Regional Language support..

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