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Akashganga™ is a pioneer dairy industry service provider since 1996.Phone: +91 2692 235390,E-mail: info@akashganga.in An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company

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AKASHGANGA™ Milking Machine

Milking Machine
AKASHGANGA Milking Machine
Very easy to operate and maintain
Simple & Easy to operate.
Technology that @ 4-5 liters of Milk per Minute.
Hygienic Milking and Clean Milk Production .
Milchs all milk from the udder.
All models are equipped with state of the art Pulsator.
No Leakage or Spillage of Milk
Milking till the last drop.

Models Available:

Mobile with Single or Double Cluster.

Floor Mounted Fix Type.

Parlour Model for 5-50 Cattles/Parlour.

AKASHGANGA revolutionised  the  Indian Dairy  Industry by replacing the traditional  methods  by fully automating milk collection process.