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AKASHGANGA™ Automatic Milk Collection System (AMCS) - Computer

AKASHGANGA™ Automatic Milk Collection System (AMCS) - Computer

The PC based AMCS Consists Of

» PC (Dynamic Contemporary Configuration

» Dot Matrix Printer/Laser Jet Printer

» Electronics Weigh Scale

» Electronic Interface Unit (Digital Display)

» Milk Analyzer (Optional)
» Milk O Tester Interface

» UPS With Battery

» Software with Regional Language Support

» Financial Accounting Software( Rojmale)

All Reports required by Milk Co Operative are generated.

» Farmer Milk Slip

» Payment Register

» Local Sale Register

» Bonus Register

» Session Summary

» Members Passbook

» Dairy Register

» Financial Records upto Balance Sheet

» Dispatch Receipt Daily Report

» Member Summary

» Election Summary Report

» A Patrak(Audit Report)

The "Automatic Milk Collection Station" is a PC - based system with facility to attach the following input devices for 1 collection line

» Electronic Milko Tester
» Electronic Weighing Scale
» Auto CLR Indicator

The purpose of this AMCS is to support DCS for achieving timely, accurate & transparent milk collection with best use of Information Technology. This result into reduction of waiting time, decrease in wastage of milk, elimination of unfair practice. Preparation of milk receipt & timely payments to farmer can happen on shift basis.
This unit provides a simple, automatic, fast and accurate solution for all the record keeping, billing and reporting activities related to milk collection at the Primary Level Co-operative Society. Special feature of our system is 2-Axis billing facility, using Auto CLR Indicator and Electronic Milk Tester
Very user friendly. Even a  layman can operate.
It is a Comprehensive and refined application software, covering all functionalities of the Primary Co-operative Societies. It is a Windows GUI (Graphical User Interface) based system, which is most user-friendly and same time most secure and stable.
Report can be printed after completion of session also.