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Akashganga™ is a pioneer dairy industry service provider since 1996.Phone: +91 2692 235390,E-mail: info@akashganga.in An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company

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AKASHGANGA™ Milk Crates Manager

Milk Crates ManagerAKASHGANGA's Milk Crates Manager.
This software is developed looking into account the specific needs of Milk Crates Management.
Simple & Easy to operate.
Milk Crates Manager handles various operations like Milk Crates Entry, Return Milk Crates Entry and various reports like dispatch receipt, crate ledger etc
It also generates a variety of MIS reports which are very helpful for managerial decision making tasks and planning futuristic activities.

Reports Generated From Milk Crates Manager Software System

» Dispatch Receipt.

» Dispatch Details.

» Receive Crates

» Crates Balance.

» Crates Ledger

» Party Ledger.

All Milk Crates Management Task are operated.
AKASHGANGA revolutionised  the  Indian Dairy  Industry by replacing the traditional  methods  by fully automating milk collection process.