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AKASHGANGA™ RMRD Dairy Dock Automation Software (Web Based)

RMRD Dairy Dock Automation Software (Web)
AKASHGANGA RMRD Dairy Dock Automation Software (Web).
This software is developed looking into account the specific needs of Dairy Milk reception Docks and is generating reports as per the existing records maintained by the system.  The software has been developed in the regional language looking into its perspective which includes milk reception, session receipts of total milk, employees attendance recording,society wise milk not received, Data transfer between two milk centers etc.
Simple & Easy to operate.
The system aids in automating Milk Reception by integrating all of its related activities through a centralized Computer.
It also generates a variety of MIS reports which are very helpful for managerial decision making tasks and planning futuristic activities.
Many of the problems associated with Manual reception are eliminated to a large extent. Timely and speedier Collection of Raw Milk.

We have already developed/implemented following innovative customized solutions:

» GPRS based Data Transfer from Collection Point to Chilling Plants/BMC's/Dairy Plants

» FTP Server based data transfer.

» SMS to Milk Producers confirming their Amount of Milk Deposited on Daily/Periodic basis.

» Smart Card based Data Transfer for integrating with Payment Gateway .

» Financial Accounting Software upto Balance Sheet (with Regional Language support).

» Nano ( Hand Held Device) based Milk Collection System.

» Solar Operated Milk Collection Systems.

Reports Generated From RMRD Software System

» KgFat KgSNF Report.

» Milk Weight Report.

» Sessionwise Weight Summary Report.

» Daily Detention Report with Weight..

» Periodic Weight Summary with Fat%, SNF%

» Daywise Weight Summary.

» Periodic KgFat, KgSNF Report

» Periodic Detention Report

» Daywise Summary Report

» Not Fill Milk List Society

» Daily Sample Number

» Society wise Sour & Curd Report

» Daywise Weight Summary

» Sample Report

» Periodical Weight Summary Report

» Periodical Average Fat,SNF Report

» RouteWise Summary Report

» Periodical Qualitative Milk Summary

» Society's Milk Weight & Amount Summary (Top 10)

Data transfer from BMC to Milk Union, SMS Confirmation etc.
All Milk Collection Operations + Can Accounting + Payroll + Transporter + Society work.
AKASHGANGA revolutionised  the  Indian Dairy  Industry by replacing the traditional  methods  by fully automating milk collection process.